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When chance reigns absolutely in a game, we can, as it has been shewn in the first part of this work, always determine the advantage or disad­vantage of the players.
But it is not the same with those games in which the skill of the player has a share in pro­ducing the result. Thus, the light which has guided us in our investigation of games of pure chance, fails us here in the solution of those ques­tions, the result of which do not entirely depend upon chance.
The first rule of analysis is, that we cannot dis­cover what is unknown, but by means of what is known; but in most of the questions which are proposed upon mixed games, what is known is not sufficient to discover what is to be found, and the reason is obvious :—1st. From our uncertainty of the measures to be taken by those, whose actions must necessarily exercise an influence over our undertakings. 1 he impulse given to a ball decides both its direction and its velocity, for the laws of impulse are fixed and invariable ; but the reason, the different motives which influence the conduct
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