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6.  Follow your partner's lead, not your ad­versary's.
7.  Do not lead from ace queen or ace knave.
8.  Avoid leading an ace unless you have the king to it.
9.  Never lead a thirteenth card, unless trumps are out.
10.  Nor trump a thirteenth card, except last player.
11.  Play your best card third hand.
12.  When in doubt win the trick.
13.  When you lead small trumps, begin with the highest.
14.  Do not trump out, when your partner is likely to trump a suit.
15.  If you hold only small trumps, make them when you can.
16.  Make your tricks early, and be careful of finessing.
17.  Be sure to make the odd trick when in your power.
18.  Never force your adversary with your best card, unless you have the next best.
19.  If you have only one card of any suit, and but two or three small trumps, lead the single card.
20.  Always try to keep a commanding card to bring in your strong suit.
21.  In your partner's lead, endeavour to keep the command in his hand.
22.  Keep the card you turn up as long as you conveniently can.
23.  Should your antagonists be 8, and you have no honour, play your best trump.
24.  Always consider your score, and play your hand accordingly.
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