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132                            WHIST.
another card : the penalty shall be in the op­tion of A or B to oblige D to win the trick if he can.
9.  A and B are partners against C and D ; A leads a club, his partner B plays before the ad­versary C ; in this case D has a right to play before his partner C ; because B played out of his turn.
10.  If any card be led, and the last player should play out of his turn, whether his partner has any of the suit led or not, provided he is not made to revoke, he is neither entitled to trump it, nor to win the trick.
11.  If a revoke happen to be made, the adver­saries may add 3 to their own score, or take three tricks from the revoking party, or take down 3 from their score ; and the revoking party, pro­vided they are up, notwithstanding the penalty, must remain at 9 : the revoke takes place of any other score of the game.
12.  Should any person revoke, and discover it before the cards are turned, the adverse party may call the highest or lowest card of the suit led, or have their option to call the card then played, at any time when it does not cause a revoke.
13.  No revoke can be claimed till the trick is turned and quitted, or the party who revoked, or his partner, has played again.
14.  If a revoke be claimed, the adverse party are not to mix their cards, upon forfeiture of the revoke.
15.  No revoke can be claimed after the cards have been cut for a new deal.
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