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158                            WHIST.
if you have a good sequence of four throw away the highest.
34.  If you have an ace with one small card of any suit, and several winning cards in other suits, rather throw away some winning card than that small one.
35.  If you hold only one honour with a small trump, and wish the trumps out, lead the honour.
36.  If trumps have been led thrice, and two re­main in the adversaries' hands, force them out.
37.  Never play second-hand the best of your adversaries'lead, unless your partner has none of it.
38.  If you have four trumps, and the command of a suit of which your partner has none, lead a small card, in order that he may trump it.
39- If you hold five trumps with a good hand, play trumps, and clear your adversaries' hands.
40.  If you hold the ace and three small trumps when the adversaries lead them, and have no parti­cular reason for stopping the suit, let them quietly make king and queen, and on the third round play the ace.
41.  When leader with three small trumps, one strong suit, one moderate suit, and a single card, begin with the strong suit, and next lead the single card.
42.  Be careful how you sort the cards, lest a sharp eye should discover the number of your trumps.
Whist is sometimes played by three persons, one of them undertaking an ideal partner called dumbmy, whose cards are turned up to view on the table, which is reckoned rather an advantage to a good player, but apt to confuse an indifferent one. Now and then only two people play, with each a dumbmy.
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