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( 174 )
Like Piquet, the game of Ecarte is played with thirty-two cards; the king is the highest card; the ace ranks after the knave, and the remaining cards have the same relative value as at Whist.
Ecarter ; to Descard. The throwing out of one or more useless cards for the purpose of replacing them by others from the talon or pack.
Elder Hand. Is the person who wins the first trick previous to when it is the party opposed to the dealer.
Forcing. Is playing a suit which the adver­sary cannot follow.
Point. Is three tricks out of the five ; five points are the game.
Proposition. Is an offer of discarding.
Quart. A sequence of four cards.
Quart-Major. A sequence in which the king is included.
Quint. A sequence of five cards.
Quint-Major. A sequence in which the king is included.
Revoke. Is not being able to follow suit.
Score. Is the state of the game.
Sequence. The regular succession of any num­ber of cards in hand.
Single. Is when one party wins the game after the adversary has won three.
Double. When one party wins before his op­ponent scores three.
Treble. When one party wins the game be­fore the other has scored one point.
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