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CRIBBAGE.                       247
paired or combined, but great cassino can only be paired.
Do not neglect sweeping the board when an op­portunity offers ; always prefer taking up the card laid down by the opponent, and as many as pos­sible with one card; endeavour likewise to "win the last cards or final sweep.
While great or little cassino is in, avoid playing either a ten or a deuce.
When you hold a pair, lay down one of them, unless when there is a similar card on the table, and the fourth not yet out.
Attend to the adversaries' score, and, if pos­sible, prevent them from saving their lurch, even though you otherwise seemingly get less yourself, particularly if you can hinder them from clearing the board.
At the commencement of a game, combine all the cards possible, for that is more difficult than pairing ; but when combinations cannot be made, do not omit to pair, and also carefully avoid losing opportunities of making tricks.
Cribbage, a game differing from all others by its immense variety of chances, and generally reckoned useful to instruct young people in the science of calculation, is played several ways, either by two, three, or four persons, with five, six, or sometimes eight cards : the rules also vary a little in different companies; but the following are those most generally allowed.
The dealer may discover his own cards, though if he show any of the adversary's, the adversary is
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