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( 259 )
Pope, a game somewhat similar to that of Ma­trimony, already stated at page 79, is played by a numerous party, who generally use a board painted for the purpose, which may be purchased at most turners or toy-shops.
The eight of diamonds must first be taken from the pack, and after settling the deal, shuffling, &c. the dealer dresses the board by putting fish, coun­ters, or other stakes, one each to ace, king, queen, knave, and game, two to matrimony, two to intrigue, and six to the nine of diamonds, styled pope. This dressing is in some companies at the individual expense of the dealer, though in others the players contribute two stakes a-piece towards it. The cards are next to be dealt round equally to every player, one turned up for trump, and about six or eight left in the stock to form stops : as for example, if the ten of spades be turned up, the nine consequently becomes a stop; the four kings and the seven of diamonds are always fixed stops, and the dealer is the only person permitted in the course of the game to refer occasionally to the stock for information what other cards are stops in the deal. If the trump turned up should be an ace, a king, a queen, or a knave, the dealer takes whatever is deposited on such card in the board; but when pope is turned up, he is entitled both to that and the game, besides a stake for every card dealt to each player. Unless the game be thus determined by pope being turned up, the eldest hand begins by playing out as many cards as possible; first the stops, then pope, if he have it, and afterwards the lowest card of his longest suit, particularly an ace, for that never
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