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24.  Manille, basto, punto, knave, three, four and five of diamonds, a small heart, and two small clubs or spades.
25.  Manille, basto, punto, queen, three, four, and five of diamonds, a small heart, and two small clubs or spades.
In all the games of false matadores, it is sup­posed the player is not over-ruffed or trumped before the lead comes again into his hand.
N.B. If it should be 5 to 4 for winning a sans prendre game, consider that calling a king makes a sure game, besides the chance of a vole; and therefore, upon a strict calculation, it is more ad­visable to call a king.
1.  The cards are to be dealt to the right hand, by fours and threes, and no otherwise; and the dealer is at liberty to begin by four or by three ; if in dealing there should be one or more faced cards, there must be a new deal, unless it be the last card.
2.  Should there be too many or two few cards in the pack, there must be a new deal.
3.  He who deals wrong is to deal again.
4.  He who has asked leave is obliged to play.
5.  No one is beasted for playing out of turn; but the card played may be called at any time in that deal, provided it does not cause a renounce ; or either of the adversaries may demand the part­ner of him who played out of his turn, or his own partner, to play any suit he thinks fit.
6.  The three matadores cannot be forced by an inferior trump ; but the superior, if led, forces the inferior.                             v
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