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310                         BILLIARDS.
red ball in his hand, while the striker plays at his adversary's ball, and immediatelely afterwards re­place the red on its proper spot, so that it may not prevent a carambole, &c.
39- If the striker play with the wrong ball, it is a foul stroke.
40.  If the striker be going to play with the wrong ball, no person in the room ought to discover it to him, except his partner, when they are playing a double match.
41.  If the striker play with the wrong ball, and his adversary should not discover it, he may reckon all the points gained by the stroke, and the marker is obliged to score them.
42.  If the striker, after having made a hazard or carom, move with his hand or stick either of the balls which remain upon the table, the stroke is deemed foul.
43.  If a ball be found to have been changed dur­ing the game, and it is not known by which player, the game must be played out with the balls as they then are.
44.  No one has a right to take up or other­wise move a ball, without permission of the ad­versary.
45.  If a striker touch his ball with the instru­ment twice, the stroke is foul.
46.  If a striker be impeded in his stroke by his adversary or a spectator, he has a right to re-com­mence the stroke.
47.  If the striker should accidentally move his own ball, without intending at the time to make a stroke, he loses no point; but the adversary may replace the ball.
48.  If the striker touch his ball, and make his mace or cue go over or past it, he loses one point.
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