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318                         BILLIARDS.
The game is sixtee?i or eighteen in number, as in the Red Winning Game, scored by caramboles, losing and double hazards.
The Red or Carambole Losing Game requires greater judgment than the winning, and depends materially on the slcill of the player; the chances in it may happen sometimes to vary more than at the Win­ning Carambole Game, especially if the players do not properly understand the skilful part.
1.  The game begins in the same manner as the carambole winning game.
2.  If the striker miss both the balls, he loses one point; and if he hole his own ball by the same stroke, he loses three points.
3.  If the striker hit the red ball first, and should hole it, he loses three points, and the ball must be immediately replaced on its proper spot.
4.  If the striker hit the white ball first, and should hole it, he loses two points.
5.  If the striker hole the white and the red ball by the same stroke, he loses five points ; viz. two for holing the white ball, and three for the red.
6.  If the striker should make a carambole, and hole either his adversary's or the red ball only, he wins nothing for the carambole, and loses two points if he struck the white, and three if he hit the red ball first.
7.  If the striker make a carambole, he wins two points.
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