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CHESS.                               331
game, and the piece chosen must be placed on the square at which the pawn had arrived.
The men take the adversaries who stand in their way, provided the road lies open ; or they may decline it, and must be set down in the same squares from which, the contrary men are taken. If the white queen be on 60, and a black knight on 46, the queen can take the knight, which then is to be moved off the board and the queen placed on 46 ; but if the knight be on 45, then the queen cannot take him, though he can take the queen, who then must be removed, and the knight placed, on 60 ; or suppose a white rook on 61, and a black bishop on 13, the rook can take the bishop, and afterivards is to be placed on 13.
When the adversary's king is in a situation to be taken by you, you must say check, to him : by which you warn him to defend himself, either by changing his place, or by covering himself with one of his own men, or by taking the man who assaults him; if he can do none of these things, he is check-mated (chamat, the king is dead) and loses the game. The king cannot change his square, if he by so doing go into check; and when he has no man to play, and is not in check, yet is so blocked up, that he cannot move without going into check, this position is called a stale­mate, and in this case the king, who is stale-mated, wins the game in England, but in France this situation makes a drawn game. Place the black king on 33, with pawns on 30 and 39 ; the white king on 44, a white bishop on 34, with pawns on 38 and 47 ', if the white king be moved to 35, black wins the game by a stale-mate, because the black king cannot be moved to 25 or 41, on account of the white bishop; nor to 26, 34, or 42, owing to the white king, as it is requisite that the kings should always be at least one
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