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390                             CHESS.
45  W. The pawn retakes the pawn.
B. The king at his home.
46  W. The rook at the black king's knight's second
square. B. The rook at its third square. 4/" W. The king at the black queen's bishop's second square, and afterwards pushing his pawn, will win the game.
Beginning at the tenth move of the Queen's Gambit.
10 W. The king's bishop's pawn takes the pawn.
B. The knight takes the king's pawn.
11 W. The knight retakes the knight.
B. The queen gives check.
12 W. The knight at his king's knight's third
square. B. The queen's bishop at the white king's knight's fourth square.
13 W. The king's bishop at his king's second
square.* B. The queen takes the rook's pawn.
14 W. The king's rook at his bishop's square.f
B. The queen takes the knight and gives check.
15  W. The king at his queen's second square.
B. The queen's knight at his queen's second square.
16 W. The rook takes the rook.J
* Any thing you could have played could not save a piece.
f If, instead of playing your rook, you had played your king, the adversary had won sooner, by only playing his rook at your king's bishop's second square.
$ If you had taken his bishop, he would have given you check with his queen at your queen's third square, and mateby taking your rook the following move.
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