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POLISH DRAUGHTS.                419
blocked up ; and if too much separated, cut off in detail. In the former case, endeavour to clear your game by exchanging ; in which, however, great circumspection must be observed. In the second case, concentrate your forces as rapidly as possible.
When you have lost a pawn which you cannot retake, endeavour to compensate for your loss by seizing an advantageous post, in which one pawn will hold two in check.
Reconnoitre well your adversary's position, and direct the mass of your forces upon his weakest point.
The great nicety at this game consists in playing the pawn, since it is with that piece that you gain the move. Before you execute a hit, therefore, combine well every part of it, and do not com­mence it until you are assured that the pawn which will take the last will not be for your adversary the means of making a hit himself. For it is not sufficient that the player combines his own moves skilfully; he must study well those of his adver­sary ; for as soon as the object of a move is per­ceived, it is a lost one. When, therefore, you see that your adversary has penetrated your designs, renounce them and form some other.
Some, good players are of opinion that it is less advantageous to make hits than to gain a good position; as although your adversary may be of equal force to yourself, this equality ceases so soon as the position is gained by one of the parties.
When you have committed a fault which may occasion the loss of a pawn, and you remark that your adversary has not perceived it, endeavour to rectify your error immediately ; if, on the other hand, you perceive that your adversary has ob­served it, and that he is preparing to take advan-
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