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GAME COCKS.                      447
11.  Bets to be paid on clear proof by creditable witnesses, even though they have not been de­manded immediately after the battle is over.
12.  It is recommended, that all disputes be finally determined by the masters of the match, and two other gentlemen whom they shall ap­point : and in case the four cannot agree, then they shall fix on a fifth, whose determination shall be final.
The battle being ended, immediately search the cock's wounds, and suck the blood out; then wash them well with warm urine, which will keep them, from rankling ; after this, give him a roll or two of best scouring, and stove him up as hot as possible for that night. In the morning, if his head be swelled, suck his wounds, and wash them with warm urine again; then take the powder of herb robert, put into a fine bag, and pounce his wounds with the same; after this give him to eat a good handful of bread out of warm ale, so put him into the stove once more, and let him not feel the air till the swelling has subsided. If he have received any hurt in the eyes, take some leaves of ground-ivy, that which grows in little tufts in the bottom of hedges, and has a small rough leaf, chew them, and spit the juice into the eyes of the cock; and this will prevent the growth of films, haws, warts, or the like blemishes destructive to the eye-sight. If in a month or two after the wounded cocks are put out to the walks, there appear about their heads any swoln bunches, hard and blackish at one end, it is certain that in such bunches there are unsound cores, which should be opened, and crushed out with the thumbs ; then the matter
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