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462                   HORSE-RACING.
6.  All bets are for the best of the plate if no­thing be said to the contrary.
7.   For the best of the plate, where there are three heats run, the horse is second that wins one.
8.  For the best of the heats, the horse is second that beats the other twice out of three times, though he do not win a heat.
9.  A confirmed bet cannot be off without mu­tual consent.
10.  Either of the betters may demand stakes to be made, and on refusal, declare the bet void.
11.  If a party be absent on the day of the run­ning, a public declaration of the bet may be made on the course, and a demand, whether any person will make stakes for the absent party; if no person consent to it, the bet may be declared void.
12.  Bets agreed to pay or receive in town, or at any other particular place, cannot be declared off on the course.
13.  At Newmarket, if a match be made for a particular day, in any meeting, and the parties agree to change the day, all bets must stand; but if run in a different meeting, the bets made before the alteration are void.
14.  The person who lays the odds, has a right to choose his horse, or the field.
15.  When a person has chosen his horse, the field is what starts against him, but there is no field unless one starts with him.
16.  Bet made for guineas are paid in pounds.
17.  If odds be laid without mentioning the horse before it is over, it must be determined as the bets were at the time of making it.
18.  Bets made in running are not determined
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