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Complete illustrated version of Mark Twain's classic book.

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But I am' gwyne to resk no mo' money in stock. De cow up V died on my han's."
"So you lost the ten dollars."
"No, I didn' lose it all. I on'y los' 'bout nine of it. I sole de hide en taller for a dollar en ten cents."
" You had five dollars and ten cents left. Did you speculate any more ?"
" Yes. You know dat one-laigged nigger dat b'longs to old Misto
Bradish ? well, lie sot up a bank, en say anybody dat put in a dollar would git fo' dollars mo' at de en' er de year. Well, all de niggers went in, but dey didn' have much. 1 wuz de on'y one dat had much. So I stuck out for mo' dan fo' dollars, en I said 'f I didn' git it I'd start a bank mysef. Well o' course dat nigger want' to keep me out er de business, bekase he say dey warn't business 'nough for two banks, so he say I could put in my five dollars en he pay me thirty-five at de en' er de year.
"So I done it. Den 1 reck'n'd I'd inves' de thirty-five dollars right off en keep things a-movin'. Dey wuz a nigger name' Bob, dat had ketched a wood-flat, en his marster didn' know it; en I bought it off'n him en told him to take de thirty-five dollars when de en' er de year come ; but somebody stole de wood-flat dat