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THE FLOATING HOUSE.                                           77
here comes a frame house down, on the west side. She was a two-story, and tilted over, considerable. We paddled out and got aboard—dumb in at an up-stairs window. But it was too dark to see yet, so we made the canoe fast and set in her to wait for daylight.
The light begun to come before we got to the foot of the island. Then we looked in at the window. We could make out a bed, and a table, and two old chairs, and lots of things around about on the floor ; and there was clothes
hanging against the wall. There was something laying on the floor in the far corner that looked like a man. So Jim says :
"Hello, you!"
But it didn't budge. So I hollered again, and then Jim says :
" De man ain't asleep—he's dead. You hold still—I'll go en see."
He went and bent down and looked, and says :
"It's a dead man. Yes, indeedy ; naked, too. He's ben shot in de back. [ reck'n he's ben dead two er three days. Come in, Huck, but doan' look at his face—it's too gashly."