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THE SEARCH.                                                     87
little. I put down the needle and thread and let on to be interested—and I was, too—and says :
*' Three hundred dollars is a power of money. I wish my mother could get it. Is your husband going over there to-night ? "
"Oh, yes. He went up town with the man I was telling you of, to get a boat and see if they could borrow another gun. They'll go oyer after midnight."
" Couldn't they see better if they was to wait till day­time ? "
" Yes. And couldn't the nigger see better, too ? After midnight he'll likely be asleep, and they can slip around through the woods and hunt up his camp fire all the better for the dark, if he's got one."
"I didn't think of that."
The woman kept looking at me pretty curious, and I didn't feel a bit comfortable. Pretty soon she says :
" What did you say your name was, honey ?"
" M—Mary Williams."
Somehow it didn't seem to me that I said it was Mary before, so I didn't look up; seemed to me I said it was Sarah ; so I felt sort of cornered, and was afeared maybe I was looking it, too. I wished the woman would say some­thing more ; the longer she set still, the uneasier I was. But now she says :
" Honey, I thought you said it was Sarah when you first come in ? "
" Oh, yes'm, I did. Sarah Mary Williams. Sarah's my first name. Some calls me Sarah, some calls me Mary."