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"Well, then, ahorse ?" " The for'rard end, mum." Which side of a tree does the most moss grow on ?"
"North side."
" If fifteen cows is browsing on a hillside, how many of them eats with their heads pointed the same direction ?"
" The whole fifteen, mum." '•' Well, I reckon you have liyed in the country. I thought maybe you was trying to hocus me again. What's your real name, now ?"
" George Peters, mum." " Well, try to remember it, George. Don't forget and tell me it's Elexander before you go, and then get out by saying it's George-Elexander when I catch you. And don't go about women in that old calico. You do a girl tolerable poor, but you might fool men, maybe. Bless you, child, when you set out to thread a needle, don't hold the thread still and fetch the needle up to it; hold the needle still and poke the thread at it—that's the way a woman most always does; but a man always does 'tother way. And when you throw at a rat or anything, hitch yourself up a tip-toe, and fetch your hand up over your head as awkard as you can, and miss your ra<t about six or seven foot. Throw stiff-armed from the shoulder, like there was a pivot there for it to turn on—like a girl; not from the wrist and elbow, with your arm out to one side, like a boy. And mind you, when a girl tries to catch anything in her lap, she throws her knees apart;