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Complete illustrated version of Mark Twain's classic book.

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•"' I will, sir, I will, honest—but don't leave us, please. It's the—the—-gentle­men, if you'll only pull ahead, and let me heave you the head-line, you won't have to come a-near the raft—please do."
" Set her back, John, set her back !" says one. They backed water. "Keep away, boy—keep to looard. Confound it, I just expect the wind has bio wed it to us. Your pap's got the small-pox, and you know it precious well. Why didn't you come out and say so ? Do you want to spread it all over ? "
"Well," says I, a-blubbering, "I've told everybody before, and then they just went away and left us."
" Poor devil, there's something in that. We aro right down sorry for you, but we—well, hang it, we don't want the small-pox, you see. Look here, I'll tell you what to do. Don't you try to land by yourself, or you'll smash every­thing to pieces. You float along down about twenty miles and you'll come to a town on the left-hand side of the river. It will be long after sun-up, then, and when you ask for help, you tell them your folks are all down with chills and fever. Don't be a fool again, and let people guess what is the matter. Now we're trying to do you a kindness; so you just put twenty miles between us, that's a