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moon, with the tears running down her face, and she had two arms folded across her breast, and two arms stretched out in front, and two more reaching up towards the moon—and the idea was, to see which pair would look best and then scratch out all the other arms ; but, as I was saying, she died before she got her mind made up, and now they kept this picture oyer the head of the bed in her room, and every time her birthday come they hung flowers on it. Other times it was hid with a little curtain. The young woman in the picture had a kind of a nice sweet face, but there was so many arms it made her look too spidery, seemed to me.
This young girl kept a scrap-book when she was alive, and used to paste obituaries and accidents and cases of patient suffering in it out of the Pres­byterian Observer, and write poetry after them out of her own head. It was very good poetry. This is what she wrote about a boy by the name of Stephen Dowling Bots that fell down a well and was drownded :
Ode to Stephen Dowling Bots, Dec'd.
And did young Stephen sicken, And did young Stephen die ?
And did the sad hearts thicken, And did the mourners cry ?
No ; such was not the fate of Young Stephen Dowling Bots ;
Though sad hearts round him thickened, 'Twas not from sickness' shots.
No whooping-cough did rack his frame. Nor measles drear, with spots ;
Not these impaired the sacred name Of Stephen Dowling Bots.