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Then he showed us another little job he'd printed and hadn't charged for, because it was for us. It had a picture of a runaway nigger, with a bundle on a stick, over his shoulder, and " $200 reward " under it. The reading was all about Jim, and just described him to a dot. It said he run away from St. Jacques' plantation, forty mile below New Orleans, last winter, and likely went north, and whoever would catch him and send him back, he could have the reward and expenses.
"Now," says the duke, "after to-night we can run in the daytime if we want to. Whenever we see anybody coming, we can tie Jim hand and foot with a rope, and lay him in the wigwam and show this handbill and say we captured him up the river, and were too poor to travel on a steamboat, so we got this little raft on credit from our friends and are going down to get the reward. Handcuffs and chains would look still better on Jim, but it wouldn't go well with the story of us being so poor. Too much like jewelry. Ropes are the cor≠rect thingówe must preserve the unities, as we say on the boards."
We all said the duke was pretty smart, and there couldn't be no trouble about running daytimes. We judged we could make miles enough that night to get out of the reach of thepow-wow we reckoned the duke's work in the printing office was going to make in that little townóthen we could boom right along, if we wanted to.
We laid low and kept still, and never shoved out till nearly ten o'clock ; then we slid by, pretty wide away from the town, and didn't hoist our lantern till we was clear out of sight of it.
When Jim called me to take the wafcch at four in the morning, he saysó
"Huck, does you reck'n we gwyne to run acrost any mo' kings on dis trip ? "
" No," I says, " I reckon not."
"Well," says he, " dat's all right, den. I doan' mine one er two kings, but dat's enough. Dis Qne's powerful drunk, en de duke am' much better."
I found Jim had been trying to get him to talk French, so he could hear what it was like ; but he said he had been in this country so long, and had so much trouble, he'd forgot it.