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took a rest, and had a talk about all kinds of adventures they'd had in other times along the river.
After dinner, the duke says :
"Well, Capet, we'll want to make this a first-class show, you know, so I guess we'll add a little more to it. We want a little something to answer encores with, anyway."
" What's onkores, Bilgewater ? " The duke told him, and then says :
"I'll answer by doing the Highland fling or the sailor's hornpipe ; and you—
well, let me see—oh, I've got it— you can do Hamlet's soliloquy." "Hamlet's which?" " Hamlet's soliloquy, yon know; the most celebrated thing in Shakespeare. Ah, it's sublime, sublime ! Always fetches the house. I haven't got it in the book—I've only got one volume— but I reckon I can piece it out from memory. I'll just walk up and down a minute, and see if I can call it back from recollection's vaults."
So he went to marching up and down, thinking, and frown­ing horrible every now and then ; then he would hoist up his eye­brows ; next he would squeeze his hand on his forehead and stag­ger back and kind of moan; next he would sigh, and next he'd let on to drop a tear. It was beautiful to see him. By-and-by he got it. He told us to give attention. Then he strikes a most noble attitude, with one leg shoved forwards,