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FAMILY GRIEF.                                                209
of it. And all the time he was a doing it, he tried to talk like an Englishman ; and he done it pretty well too, for a slouch. I can't imitate him, and so I ain't agoing to try to ; but he really done it pretty good. Then he says :
" How are you on the deef and dumb, Bilge water ?"
The duke said, leave him alone for that; said he had played a deef and dumb person on the histrionic boards. So then they waited for a steamboat.
About the middle of the afternoon a couple of little boats come along, but they didn't come from high enough up the river ; but at last there was a big one, and they hailed her. She sent out her yawl, and we went aboard, and she was from Cincinnati; and when they found we only wanted to go four or five mile, they was booming mad, and give us a cussing, and said they wouldn't land us. But the king was ca'm. He says:
"If gentlemen kin afford to pay a dollar a mile apiece, to be took on and put off in a yawl, a steam≠boat kin afford to carry 'em, can't it?"
So they softened down and said it was all right; and when we got to the village, they yawled us ashore. About two dozen men flocked down, when they see the yawl a coming ; and when the king saysó
"Kin any of you gentlemen
tell me wher' Mr. Peter Wilks
lives ? " they give a glance at one
another, and nodded their heads,
as much as to say, u What d' I tell you ?" Then one of them says, kind of soft
and gentle: 14