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BUCK TAKES THE MONET.                                       229
because a nigger only makes up the feather bed, and don't turn over the straw tick only about twice a year, and so it warn't in no danger of getting stole, now.
But I knowed better. I had it out of there before they was half-way down stairs. I groped along up to my cubby, and hid it there till I could get a chance to do better. I judged I better hide it outside of the house some wheres, because if they missed it they would give the house a good ransacking. I knowed that very well. Then I turned in, with my clothes all on ; but I couldn't a gone to sleep, if I'd a wanted to, I was in such a
sweat to get through with the business. By-and-by I heard the king and the duke come up ; so I rolled off of my pallet and laid with my chin at the top of my ladder and waited to see if anything was going to happen. But nothing did.
So I held on till all the late sounds had quit and the early ones hadn't begun, yet; and then I slipped down the ladder.