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242                      THE ADVENTURES OF HUCKLEBERRY FINN.
questions but me ; so I didn't want the plan to begin working till pretty late to-night. I says :
" Miss Mary Jane, I'll tell you what we'll do—and you won't have to stay at Mr. Lothrop's so long, nuther. How fur is it ? "
" A little short of four miles—right out in the country, back here." " Well, that'll answer. Now you go along out there, and lay low till nine or half-past, to-night, and then get them to fetch you home again—tell them you've thought of something. If you get here before eleven, put a candle in this window, and if I don't turn up, wait till eleven, and then if I don't turn up it means I'm gone, and out of the way, and safe. Then you come out and spread the news around, and get these beats jailed." " Good," she says, " I'll do it."
" And if it just happens so that I don't get away, but get took up along with them, you must up and say I told you the whole thing beforehand, and you must stand by me all you can."
" Stand by you, indeed I will. They sha'n't touch a hair of your head !" she says, and I see her nostrils spread and her eyes snap when she said it, too.
" If I get away, I sha'n't be here," I says, " to prove these rapscallions ain't
your uncles, and I couldn't do it if I was here. I could swear they was beats and bummers, that's all ; though that's worth something. Well, there's others can do that better than what I can— and they're people that ain't going to be doubted as quick as I'd be. I'll tell you how to find them. Gimme a pencil and a piece of paper. There—'Royal None­such, Brichsville.' Put it away, and don't lose it. When the court wants to find out something about these two, let them send up to Bricksville and say they've got the men that played the Koyal Nonesuch, and ask for some witnesses