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THE OPPOSITION LINE,                                   ' 249
a done it no neater himself. Of course he would a thro wed more style Into it, but I can't do that very handy, not being brung up to it.
Well, they held the auction in the public square, along towards the end of the afternoon, and it strung along, and strung along, and the old man he was on hand and looking his level pisonest, up there longside of the auctioneer, and chipping in a little Scripture, now and then, or a little goody-goody saying, of some kind, and the duke he was around goo-gooing for sympathy all he knowed how, and just spreading himself generly.
But by-and-by the thing dragged through, and everything was sold. Every­thing but a little old trifling lot in the graveyard. So they'd got to work that off—I never see such a girafft as the king was for wanting to swallow everything. Well, whilst they was at it, a steamboat landed, and in about two minutes up comes a crowd a whooping and yelling and laughing and carrying on, and singing out :
"Here's your opposition line ! here's your two sets o' heirs to old Peter Wilks —and you pays your money and you takes your choice !"