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He looked kinder bothered, and stood there with his bills fluttering on bis arm, thinking, and wrinkling up his forehead. At last he says :
" I'll tell you something. We got to be here three days. If you'll promise you won't blow, and won't let the nigger blow, I'll tell you where to find him."
So I promised, and he says :
"A farmer by the name of Silas Ph------" and then he stopped. You see he
started to tell me the truth ; but when he stopped, that way, and begun to study and think again, I reckoned he was changing his mind. And so he was. He
wouldn't trust me ; he wanted to make sure of having me out of the way the whole three days. So pretty soon he says : " The man that bought him is named Abram Foster—Abram G-. Foster—and he lives forty mile back here in the country, on the road to Lafayette."
"All right," I says, "I can walk it in three days. And I'll start this very afternoon."
"No you won't, you'll start now; and don't you lose any time about it, neither, nor do any gabhjjng by the way. Just keep a tight tongue in your head and move right along, and then you won't get into trouble with us, d'ye hear ? "