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"Yes'm— she-----"
" Don't say yes'm—say Aunt Sally. Where'd she get aground ? "
I didn't rightly know what to say, because I didn't know whether the boat would be coming up the river or down. But I go a good deal on instinct; and my instinct said she would be coming up—from down towards Orleans. That did'nt help me much, though ; for I didn't know the names of bars down that way. I see I'd got to invent a bar, or forget the name of the one we got aground on— or— Now I struck an idea, and fetched it out:
" It warn't the grounding—that didn't keep us back but a little. We blowcd out a cylinder-head."
" Good gracious ! anybody hurt ? "
" No'm. Killed a nigger."
" Well, it's lucky ; because sometimes people do get hurt. Two years ago last Christmas, your uncle Silas was coming up from Newrleans on the old Lally Rooky and she blowed out a cylinder-head and crippled a man. And I think he died afterwards. He was a Babtist. Your uncle Silas knowed a family in Baton Rouge that knowed his people very well. Yes, I remember, now he did die. Mortification set in, and they had to amputate him. But it didn't save him. Yes, it was mortification—that was it. He turned blue all over, and died in the hope of a glorious resurrection. They say he was a sight to look at. Your uncle's been up to the town every day to fetch you. And he's gone again, not more'n an hour ago ; he'll be back any minute, now. You must a met him on the road, didn't you ?—oldish man, with a------"
" No, I didn't see nobody, Aunt Sally. The boat landed just at daylight, and I left my baggage on the wharf-boat and went looking around the town and out a piece in the country, to put in the time and not get here too soon ; and so I come down the back way."
" Who'd you give the baggage to ? "
" Why, child, it'll be stole ! "
" Not where I hid it I reckon it won't," I says.
" How'd you get your breakfast so early on the boat ?"