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what it would take three days to fix it. If I'd a called it a bolt-head it would a done just as well.
Now I was feeling pretty com­fortable all down one side, and pretty uncomfortable all up the other0 Being Tom Sawyer was easy and comfortable ; and it stayed easy and comfortable till by-and-by I hear a steamboat coughing along down the river—-then I says to myself, spose Tom Sawyer come down on that boat? —and spose he steps in here, any minute, and sings out my name before I can throw him a wink to keep quiet ? Well, I couldn't have it that way—it wouldn't do at all. I must go up the road and waylay him. So I told the folks I reckoned I would go up to the town and fetch down my
baggage. The old gentleman was for going along with me, but I said no, I could drive the horse myself, and I druther he wouldn't take no trouble about me.