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nothing about any runaway nigger, and we was afraid to try to work up to it. But at supper, at night, one of the little boys says :
" Pa, mayn't Tom and Sid and me go to the show ?"
"No," says the old man, "I reckon there ain't going to be any; and you couldn't go if there was; because the runaway nigger told Burton and me all
about that scandalous show, and Burton said he would tell the people; so I reckon they've drove the owdacious loafers out of town before this time."
So there it was !óbut I couldn't help it. Tom and me was to sleep in the same room and bed ; so, being tired, we bid good-night and went up to bed, right after supper, and clumb out of the window and down the lightning-rod, and shoved for the town ; for I didn't believe anybody was going to give the king and the duke a hint, and so, if I didn't hurry up and give them one they'd get into trouble sure.
On the road Tom he told me all about how it was reckoned I was murdered, and how pap disappeared, pretty soon, and didnt come back no more, and what a stir there was when Jim run away; and I told Tom all about our Royal None≠such rapscallions, and as much of the raft-voyage as I had time to i and as we