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" Here's the ticket. This hole's big enough for Jim to get through, if we wrench off the board."
Tom says :
" It's as simple as tit-tat-toe, three-in-a-row, and as easy as playing hooky. I should hope we can find, a way that's a little more complicated than that, Huck Finn."
"Well then," I says, " how'll it do to saw him out, the way I done before I was murdered, that time ?"
"That's more like," he says. "It'sreal mysterious, and troublesome, and good," he says; "but I bet we can find a way that's twice as long. There ain't no hurry; le's keep on looking around."
Betwixt the hut and the fence, on the back side, was a lean-to, that joined the hut at the eaves, and was made out of plank. It was as long as the hut, but narrow—only about six foot wide. The door to it was at the south end, and was padlocked. Tom he went to the soap kettle, and searched
around and fetched back the iron thing they lift the lid with ; so he took it and prized out one of the staples. The chain fell down, and we opened the door and went in, and shut it, and struck a match, and see the shed was only built against the cabin and hadn't no connection with it; and there warn't no floor to the shed, nor nothing in it but some old rusty played-out hoes, and spades, and picks, and