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TROUBLED WITH WITCHES.                                      299
tell nobody 'bout it sah, er ole Mars Silas he'll scole me; 'kase he say dey ain'i no witches. I jis' wish to goodness he was heah nowóden what would he say ! I jis' bet he couldn' fine no way to git aroun' it dis time. But it's awluz jis' so; people dat's sot, stays sot; dey won't look into nothn' en fine it out f'r deyselves, en when you fine it out en tell um 'bout it, dey doan' b'lieve you."
Tom give him a dime, and said we wouldn't tell no≠body ; and told him to buy some more thread to tie up his wool with ; and then looks at Jim, and says :
"I wonder if Uncle Silas is going to hang this nigger. If I was to catch a nigger that was ungrateful enough to run away, I wouldn't give him up, I'd hang him." And whilst the nigger stepped to the door to look at the dime and bite it to see if it was good, he whispers to Jim, and says:
" Don't ever let on to know us. And if you hear any dig≠ging going on nights, it's us : we're going to set you free."
Jim only had time to grab us by the hand and squeeze it, then the nigger come back, and we said we'd come again some time if the nigger wanted us to ; and he said he would, more particular if it was dark, because the witches went for him mostly in the dark, and it was good to have folks around then.