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THK VIGILANCE COMMITTEE.                                     341
was always taking off their hats, and putting them on, and scratching their heads, and changing their seats, and fumbling with their buttons. I warn't easy myself, but I didn't take my hat off, all the same.
I did wish Aunt Sally would come, and get done with me, and lick me, if she wanted to, and let me get away and tell Tom how we'd overdone this thing, and what a thundering hornet's nest we'd got ourselves into, so we could stop
fooling around, straight off, and clear out with Jim before these rips got out of patience and come for us.
At last she come, and begun to ask me questions, but I couldn't answer them straight, I didn't know which end of me was up ; because these men was in such a fidget now, that some was wanting to start right now and lay for them desper­adoes, and saying it warn't but a few minutes to midnight; and others was trying to get them to hold on and wait for the sheep-signal; and here was aunty pegging away at the questions, and me a shaking all over and ready to sink down in my tracks I was that scared ; and the place getting hotter and hotter, and the butter beginning to melt and run down my neck and behind my ears : and pretty