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So in they come, but couldn't see us in the dark, and most trod on us whilst we was hustling to get under the bed. But we got under all right, and out through the hole, swift but soft—Jim first, me next, and Tom last, which was according to Tom's orders. Now we was in the lean-to, and heard trampings close by outside. So we crept to the door, and Tom stopped us there and put his eye to the crack, but couldn't make out nothing, it was so dark ; and whispered and said he would listen for the steps to get further, and when he nudged us Jim must glide out first, and him last. So he set his ear to the crack and listened, and listened, and listened, and the steps a scraping around, out there, all the time; and at last he nudged us, and we slid out, and stooped down, not breathing, and not making the least noise, and slipped stealthy towards the fence, in Injun file, and got to it, all right, and me and Jim over it; but Tom's britches catched fast on a splinter on the top rail, and then he hear the steps coming, so he had to pull loose, which snapped the splinter and made a noise ; and as he dropped in our tracks and started, somebody sings out:
" Who's that ? Answer, or I'll shoot !"
But we didn't answer ; we just unfurled our heels and shoved. Then there was a rush, and a bang, bang, bang ! and the bullets fairly whizzed around us ! We heard them sing out :
" Here they are ! They've broke for the river ! after 'em, boys ! And turn loose the dogs ! "
So here they come, full tilt. We could hear them, because they wore boots.