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But me and Jim was consulting—and thinking. And after we'd thought a minute, I savs :
"Say it, Jim."
So he says :
" Well, den, dis is de way it look to me, Huck. Ef it wuz Mm dat 'uz bein' sot free, en one er de boys wuz to git shot, would he say, 'Go on en save me, nemmine 'bout a doctor fr to save dis one ? Is dat like Mars Tom Sawyer ? Would he say dat ? You let he wouldn't! Well, den, is Jim gwyne to say it ? No, sah—I doan' budge a step out'n dis place, 'dout a doctor ; not if it's forty year !"
I knowed he was white inside, and I reckoned he'd say what he did say—so it was all right, now, and I told Tom I was agoing for a doctor. He raised considerble row about it, but me and Jim stuck to it and wouldn't budge ; so he was for crawl­ing out and setting the raft loose himself ; but we wouldn't let him. Then he give us a piece of his mind —but it didn't do no good.
So when he see me getting the canoe ready, he says :
"Well, then, if you're bound to go, I'll tell you the way to do, when you get to the village. Shut the door, and blindfold the doctor tight and fast, and make him swear to be silent as the grave, and put a purse
0                                                                                                                                    JIM ADVISES A DOCTOR.
full of gold in his hand, and then
take and lead him all around the back alleys and everywheres, in the dark, and
then fetch him here in the canoe, in a roundabout way amongst the islands.