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THE doctor was an old man ; a very nice, kind-looking old man, when I got him up. I told him me and my brother was over on Spanish Island hunting, yesterday afternoon, and camped on a piece of a raft we found, and about midnight he must a kicked his gun in his dreams, for it went off and shot him in the leg, and we wanted him to go over there and fix it and not say nothing about it, nor let anybody know, because we wanted to come home this evening, and surprise the folks. . "Who is your folks ? " he says. "The Phelpses, down yonder." "Oh," he says. And after a minute, he says: "How'd you say he got shot ? "
"He had a dream," I says, "and it shot him." " Singular dream," he says.
So he lit up his lantern, and got his saddle-bags, and we started. But when he see the canoe, he didn't like the look of her—said she was big enough for one, but didn't look pretty safe for two. I says :
" Oh, you needn't be afeard, sir, she carried the three of us, easy enough." "What three?"