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" Why, me and Sid, and—and—and the guns ; that's what I mean." " Oh," he says.
But he put his foot on the gunnel, and rocked her ; and shook his head, and said he reckoned he'd look around for a bigger one. But they was all locked and chained ; so he took my canoe, and said for me to wait till he come back, or I could hunt around further, or maybe I better go down home and get them ready for the sur­prise, if I wanted to. But I said I didn't; so I told him just how to find the raft, and then he started.
I struck an idea, pretty soon. I says to myself, spos'n he can't fix that
leg just in three shakes of a sheep's tail, as the saying is ? spos'n it takes him three or four days ? What are we going to do ?—lay around there till he lets the cat out of the bag ? No, sir, I know what I'll do. 'I'll wait, and when he comes back, if he says he's got to go any more, I'll get down there, too, if I swim; and we'll take and tie him, and keep him, and shove out down the river ; and when Tom's done with him, we'll give him what it's worth, or all we got, and then let him get shore.
So then I crept into a lumber
pile to get some sleep ; and next
time I waked up the sun was
away up over my head ! I shot
out and went for the doctor's house, but they told me he'd gone away in the
night, some time or other, and warn't back yet. Well, thinks I, that looks