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old man was up town again, before breakfast, but couldn't get no track of Tom; and both of them set at the table, thinking, and not saying noth­ing, and looking mournful, and their coffee getting cold, and not eating any­thing. And by-and-by the old man says :
"Did I give you the letter ?"
"What letter?"
" The one I got yesterday out of the post-office."
"No, you didn't give me no let­ter."
" Well, I must a forgot it."
So he rummaged his pockets, and then went off somewheres where he had
laid it down, and fetched it, and give it to her. She says :
" Why, it's from St. Petersburg—it's from Sis."
I allowed another walk would do me good ; but I couldn't stir. But before she could break it open, she dropped it and run—for she see something. And so did I. It was Tom Sawyer on a mattress ; and that old doctor ; and Jim, in her calico dress, with his hands tied behind him ; and a lot of people. I hid the letter behind the first thing that come handy, and rushed. She flung herself at Tom, crying, and says :