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John thinks that if a free election were held each one will want to be president, and hence each will vote for himself. Once the people were very warlike, and John was prepared to describe some of their battles vigorously. But lately John has been converted to pacifism, and permanent peace has been declared.
Mary's Lighter Fancy
It is interesting to note the different viewpoints of brother and sister. John, as we have said, always leads, and is much more thorough and painstaking. But Mary's fancy is always ready to be awakened, and her conceptions are always lighter and more imaginative. For instance, it was she who suggested the addition of giants to the population, and who placed them in caves and underground tunnels. She, too, is the one who has created an imaginary language and has worked out a laborious dictionary, in which John is much interested, but to which he has contributed little.
John is more prolific, but more prosaic. He is fond of names and boundaries. He makes street plots and even rain­fall maps. He is interested in providing gardens and parks, a church, and a club-house where the people can dance and hear music.
The Land of Perpetual Life
All this is more or less what would be expected in chil­dren, just beyond the fairy-tale and doll period, who are fond of books and who have several grown-up friends. But there was one incident that had a certain beauty and pathos as indi­cating some deeper current of feeling. This came from John.
People in his country do not die unless they want to. When they think they want to die they become ill and remain ill for a time, so that they may think it over and be quite sure they know their own minds. Some of these finally choose to live, and these get well at once. Others are still determined to die, and proceed to do so. But here is the significant part: Even after they have been cremated and buried, they may come to life again if at any later period they choose to.
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