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Suggestions for Moving Dolls and Arranging
for a Story
Use twigs for trees, and place them in spools, wrapped in green. They may stand where you want them.
A collection of toy-animals should be called for from the children, who will take more interest if they are a part of the little world.
The toys must fit the dolls in size.
Make it a point to have everything that can be procured to fit any story. If a fire is needed where it can be seen, use red and gilt paper. If a fence is spoken of, make a fence of toothpicks.
If a figure needs disguising for a time, cut a half circle of cloth, cut the neck out of the center of the straight side and pin on the figure; then twist a bit of tissue paper about the head to form hat and bonnet.
When a "store" is needed, pin a straight cloth above the house and print the name on it. If store and house both, then have one in stock, and be up to date.
When a story tells of the inside of a house, place tooth­picks to form plan of the house, with one or more rooms. If a figure must go upstairs, lift it quickly and place in the next room. This seems realistic. When introducing a character, place it in the middle of the space, holding by thumb and fin­ger at its back, and have it face the audience whenever possible.
Do not place a thumb over its face when holding it. Some do.
Do not read a story and use the dolls at the same time.
Make dolls move in the center space whenever possible. Anything may be moved on the table to another position.
When hats are adjustable on dolls, remove them sometimes.
When, in being moved through space, a doll knocks another out of place, have it excuse itself.
When a figure is to lift or hold any article, hold the object so that it seems to be held by the doll. When anything is thrown, this must be done the same way.
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