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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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26                           IDEAL HOME LIFE
Corn husks—For feathers in Indian head-dresses; to weave mats.
Corn cobs—To make rafts, fences, cornhouses, furniture (when dry).
Nuts—To make boats, animals.
Seeds—For stringing, for counters, for patterns.
Beans—To fill bean bags; to string; for checkers.
Left Overs
Wishbones—For dolls.
Tissue paper—For decorating costumes.
Wrapping paper—For scrapbooks.
Feathers—For making flowers and head-dresses.
Milk bottle tops—For wheels on toy wagons; for money; for checkers.
Egg shells—For dolls' cradles; for boats; to plant seeds in.
Spools—To make wheels, furniture, pulleys, Montessori insets.
Tin cracker boxes—To make toy stoves; to make wagons; to make cars.
Tinfoil—To make toy dishes, toy cutlery, toy money.
Buttons—To make buzzers, necklaces, wheels for toy carts, counters.
Jelly tumblers—For measures with the toy grocery store or sand table; for growing plants in.
A Kitchen Curriculum
A mother can make a whole curriculum of play for her child for each year, until he is old enough to go to school, out of the things to be found in her kitchen.
During the earliest years there are sense experiences among the sights, colors, sounds, and activities of the kitchen that are as varied and precious as Madame Montessori ever invented. Later, the home-made toys are simpler and more resourceful than mechanical ones. Still later the child can make his own toys and can find play as well as work in helping mother.
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