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Number Three, "Not I, sir."
Leader, "Who then, sir?"
Number Three, "Number Five, sir."
Number Five jumps up and says,
"What, sir? I, sir?"
Leader, "Yes, sir! you, sir."
Number Five, "Not I, sir."
Leader, "Who then, sir?"
Number Five, "Number Two, sir."
Number Two is to jump up immediately and- say, "What, sir? I, sir?" The conversation then goes on as before. The leader tries to say, "The Prince of Paris has lost his hat" before the player whose number is called can jump up and say, "What, sir? I, sir?" If he succeeds the player in question must change places with him. Anyone who fails to say "sir" in the proper place must change places with the leader.
The game may be varied by having the players stand in a line and applying the rule that when a miss is made the player who misses must go to the foot of the line. In playing the game this way there is no exchange of places with the leader. The object of each one in the line is to be at the head when the game ends.
A leader is chosen and the rest of the players stand facing him. The leader goes through various motions, such as split­ting wood, sawing wood, washing clothes, wringing clothes, hopping, jumping, etc., saying with each kind of action, "Do this!" or "Do that!" When he says, "Do this!" the rest of the players are to imitate him; when he says "Do that!" they are not to do so. Any player who imitates the action at the wrong time or fails to do so at the right time is out of the game. The game continues till only one player and the leader remain. The player remaining becomes the next leader.
Bird Catcher
The children sit or stand in a circle, with a "catcher" in the middle. Each child is given the name of some bird. The
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