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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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34                           IDEAL HOME LIFE
leader tells a story orally, or reads it, which occasionally brings in the name of a bird. At the mention of a bird the player assigned its name quickly raises his hands and brings them down again. When the owl is mentioned (no one is given this name) all place hands behind the back and hold them there until another bird is mentioned. The catcher tries to seize a hand whenever it is moved. A player whose hand is caught or who does the wrong thing must change places with the catcher.
The Minister's Cat
This game is very similar to that of "I love my love." Each of the players must describe the minister's cat, going right through the alphabet to do so. "The minister's cat is an angry cat," says one; "an anxious cat," says another; and so on until everyone has used an adjective beginning with "A." Then they take the "B's." "The minister's cat is a big cat," and so on.
The leader of the game must see that no one hesitates for a word. If anyone should take longer than half a minute he must pay a forfeit.
Who Is He?
One of the players describes some celebrated person by giving four traits in his character, personal appearance, etc. For instance, he could say: "He was a man of iron will, a great orator, wore remarkable collars, is dead." The audience would have little difficulty in recognizing William E. Glad­stone. The players are only allowed one guess each, for every other guess they must pay a forfeit.
Twenty Questions
One person goes out of the room and the rest of the players choose a subject which he must guess by asking not more than twenty questions. If he cannot guess it he must pay a forfeit and go out of the room again; but if he guesses it correctly he receives a good mark for every question under the twenty which
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