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the alphabet either regularly or at random, as he likes. Any subject—names of kings, queens, poets, soldiers, etc.—may be chosen. The questions and answers must follow as quickly as possible. Whoever fails to answer in time, pays a forfeit.
Dumb Crambo
Divide the company into two equal parts, one half leaving the room; the remaining players should then select a word, which will have to be guessed by those outside the door. When the word has been chosen—say, for instance, the word "will"— the party outside the room are told that the word they are to guess rhymes with "tiH." A consultation then takes place, and they may think that the word is "ill." The company then enter and begin to act the word "ill," but without speaking a word. The audience, when they recognize the word that is being performed, will immediately hiss, and the actors then retire and think of another word.
Thus the game goes on until the right word is hit upon, when the company who have remained in the room clap their hands.
The audience then change places with the actors.
Hiss and Clap
This is an excellent party game. One of the company goes outside the room, while the remainder of the players decide among themselves which of them he shall kneel to. When this is settled upon, the person who is outside is allowed to enter, and he kneels in front of whom he thinks is the right one. If he should make a correct guess, the company clap their hands, and the person to whom he knelt goes outside. If, however, the guess is an incorrect one, the company hiss loudly, and the guesser has to go outside, come back, and try again. Of course, it will make more amusement if when a boy is sent outside the room a girl be chosen as the person to whom he has to kneel; and the opposite if a girl be outside the room.
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