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44                           IDEAL HOME LIFE
The Adventurers
This is a very good game and will combine both instruction and amusement. The idea is that the company imagines itself to be a party of travelers who are about to set out on a journey to foreign countries. A good knowledge of geography is re­quired, also an idea of the manufactures and customs of the foreign parts about to be visited.
It would be as well, if not quite certain about the location of the part, to refer to a map.
A place for starting having been decided upon, the first player sets out upon his journey. He tells the company what spot he intends to visit (in imagination) and what kind of con­veyance he means to travel in.
On arriving at his destination, the player states what he wishes to buy, and to whom he intends to make a present of his purchase on returning home.
This may seem very simple, but it is not so easy as it appears.
The player must have some knowledge of the country to which he is going, the way he will travel, and the time it will take to complete the journey.
To give an instance, it will not do for the player to state that he is going to Greenland to purchase pineapples, or to Florida to get furs, nor will it do for him to make a present of a meerschaum pipe to a lady, or a Cashmere shawl to a gentleman.
More fun is added to this game if forfeits are exacted for all mistakes.
The game continues, and the second player must make his starting point from where the first leaves off.
Of course, all depends upon the imagination or the experi­ence of the player: if he has been a traveler or has read a good deal, his descriptions should be very interesting.
" Our old Grannie doesn't like Tea"
All the players sit in a row, except one, who sits in front of them and says to each one in turn; "Our old Grannie doesn't like T; what can you give her instead?"
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