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Perhaps the first player will answer, "Cocoa," and that will be correct; but if the second player should say, "Chocolate," he will have to pay a forfeit, because there is a " T" in chocolate. This is really a catch, as at first everyone thinks that "tea" is meant instead of the letter "T." Even after the trick has been found out it is very easy to make a slip, as the players must answer before "five" is counted; if they cannot, or if they men≠tion an article of food with the letter "T" in it, they must pay a forfeit.
Rule of Contrary
This is a simple game for little children. It is played either with a pocket-handkerchief, or, if more than four want to play, with a table cloth or small sheet.
Each person takes hold of the cloth; the leader of the game holds it with the left hand, while with the right he makes pre≠tence of writing on the cloth, while he says: " Here we go round by the rule of contrary. When I say, 'Hold fast,' let go; and when I say, 'Let go,' hold fast."
The leader then calls out one or other of the commands, and the rest must do the opposite of what he says. Any one who fails must pay a forfeit.
One of the most popular games at a party is certainly "Consequences"; it is a very old favorite, but has lost none of its charms with age. The players sit in a circle; each person is provided with a half sheet of notepaper and a pencil, and is asked to write on the topó(i) one or more adjectives, then to fold the paper over, so that what has been written cannot be seen. Every player has to pass his or her paper on to Jthe right-hand neighbor, and all have then to write on the top of the paper which has been passed by the left-hand neighbor (2) " the name of the gentleman"; after having done this the paper must again be folded and passed on as before; this time must be written (3) one or more adjectives; then (4) a lady's name; next (5) where they
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