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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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62                            IDEAL HOME LIFE
good fun to see the many ways each pronounces the words; thinking they have to pay a forfeit through not pronouncing them properly. When it has passed round three or four times, and a good many forfeits collected, then, and not before, the director can tell them in what way they have incurred so many forfeits.
The Huntsman
This game is one of the liveliest winter evening's pastimes that can be imagined. It may be played by any number of persons above four. One of the players is styled the " Hunts­man," and the others must be called after the different parts of the dress or equipment of a sportsman: thus, one is the coat, another the hat, whilst the shot, shot-belt, powder, powder-flask, dog, and gun, and every other article belonging to a huntsman, has its representative. As many chairs as there are players, excluding the huntsman, should next be ranged in two rows, back to back, and all the players must then seat themselves; and being thus prepared, the huntsman walks round the sitters, and calls out the assumed name of one of them; for instance, " Gun!" when that player immediately gets up, and takes hold of the coat-skirts of the huntsman, who continues his walk, and calls out the others one by one. Each must take hold of the skirts of the player before him, and when they are all summoned, the huntsman sets off running round the chairs as fast as he can, the other players holding on and running after him. When he has run round two or three times, he shouts out "Bang!" and imme­diately sits down on one of the chairs, leaving his followers to scramble to the other seats as they best can. Of course one must be left standing, there being one chair less than the number of players, and the player so left must pay a forfeit. The hunts­man is not changed throughout the game unless he gets tired of his post.
The Horned Ambassador
This is a game which, if played with spirit, creates much merriment. It is played in this way:
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