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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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64                            IDEAL HOME LIFE
name jumps up and calls "Shoes!" sitting down directly. If any one does not rise as soon as called, a forfeit is incurred. Sometimes she says, "My lady wants her whole toilet," then every one must jump up and change chairs, and as there is a chair too few, of course it occasions a scramble, and whoever i& left standing must be lady's maid, and call to the others as before.
Fox and Geese
There must be an even number of persons in this game. A circle is formed, the players standing two by two, so that those who are on the outside each have one person in front of them; these are called the Geese, and there must be some space left between the couples, to allow the one who is chased to run in and out of the circle. Two must be left out, one a Goose, and the other the Fox. The Fox is to catch the Goose not belonging to the circle. The Goose may run around and also within the circle but the Fox is not allowed to pass within. When the Goose who is pursued places himself before one of the couples com­posing the circle, there will necessarily be three in the row, and as this is against the rule, the outside one of that three imme­diately becomes liable to be caught instead of the other, and must endeavor to avoid the pursuit of the Fox by darting within the circle and placing himself before some one of the players. It is the object of the Fox to catch the player who makes the third one of a row, and it is the object of each Goose to avoid the third place. The Fox can only touch the Goose as he stands the third in a row, or before he succeeds in escaping to a place of safety. If the Goose is touched by the Fox while in the position of third one in a row, or if touched in passing from this third place to one of safety, he becomes the Fox instead, and the other becomes a Goose again. The amusement of this game depends upon the spirit and animation with which it is conducted. Great rapidity of movement is necessary, es­pecially when the Fox is a very active one, who will endeavor to dart upon the outside Goose in sudden and unexpected ways.
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