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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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The company sits in as small a circle as possible without crowding each other, and with a sheet stretched in the midst of them, held tightly under each chin.
Somebody takes a small downy feather—any pillow will furnish one—and lets it float in the air, giving it a puff with his breath.
The person toward whom it descends must likewise blow it up and away, for if it falls upon him, or he allows it to fall uoon the sheet, he pays a forfeit.
A Good Fat Hen
The leader begins by saying, "A good fat hen," which is repeated by everybody around the room. He then says: " Two ducks and a good fat hen," which is likewise repeated. Then: " Three plump partridges, two ducks and a good fat hen," which again goes the rounds. And so on until, by adding one object at a time, the following is produced:
"Ten sacrificed monkeys on a catamaran floating, Nine Mesopotamian mares with their manes and tails in good order, Eight transmogrified priests in their pulpits preaching, Seven piggy-wiggies in a rye field rooting, Six screaming squirrels in a crab-tree screeching, Five gray geese in a green field grazing, Four hares headless, Three plump partridges, Two ducks and a good fat hen."
Whoever fails to repeat correctly this heterogeneous ac­cumulation is dropped from the game.
The Cushion-Dance
A hassock is placed end upward in the middle of the floor, round which the players form a circle with hands joined, having first divided into two equal parties. The adversaries, facing each other, begin by dancing round the hassock a few times;
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